What is website – In this digital era, many people look for the latest information on the internet. The ease of getting information from the internet is one of the reasons why many people use websites to gain and share information quickly and efficiently.

To access the internet, users can use various devices such as computers, laptops, smartphones, and tablets using an internet connection.

Dissemination of information by the site is not limited by distance and time. Web page is something that in our life can not be separate.

Definition of Website

A website is a collection of web pages relate to one another within the scope of the same domain, containing various information that users can access quickly and easily as long as they are connect to the internet.

The site comprises various components consisting of images, text, sound, video, animation, and illustrations based on the website’s purpose.

Generally, websites have one main page containing general information, called the Homepage. When you open a web page for the first time, you will find the Homepage. From here, you can explore various information on the internet site.

Dynamic vs Static Website:

Dynamic Websites

A dynamic website is a site where the content of the page is constantly changing.

An example is a news websites. This page site will display the latest news to be display to users.

Static Websites

A static website is where the website’s content mostly stays the same. An example is a company profile page site where what is display is history, vision, mission, and products/services, where the content rarely changes.

Types of Websites Based on Their Purpose:

Websites are made to achieve specific goals. The types of websites are as follows:

1. Personal Website

A personal site is managed by an individual/privately used for professional purposes, such as a portfolio to build personal branding.

This website usually contains information about the owner’s expertise, stories, works, and sharing knowledge in specific fields.

2. Business Websites

A business website is a website that is usually use for media selling online where visitors can directly make purchases online.

The business website is designed like an online store using a customized layout. There are various features to support the ease of shopping, such as shopping baskets, product catalogs along with product descriptions, checkout, etc.

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3. Website Company Profile

A company profile website is a website that is usually managed by a company or agency that is used to enhance a business reputation.

The content shown is in the form of company achievements, success stories, and the products/services they offer.

4. News Website

company profile website is a website that is use to provide information about the latest news.

The content shown is in the form of updated information on various topics such as sports, health, politics, technology, economy, education, etc

5. Community Website

Community websites are websites that contain related personal opinions or forums for discussion among visitors.

This site contains features that help visitors to create threads on various topics so that people can comment and respond to the thread.

The interaction between users carried out on this site is one of the advantages of community websites.

Website Elements

1. Domains

A domain is the address of a website that is intended. A domain is a substitute for an IP address, which consists of a combination of numbers separated by a dot like 191.898.33.1.

However, this number combination is complex for users to remember, so the domain is use to replace the IP address where the domain consists of two elements, namely site name and extension. An example is blankontech.com

Blankontech (site name) and .com (extension).

2. Hosting

Hosting is an online service that stores and manages all website files and data so that it can be access via the internet or online by anyone using devices such as smartphones, laptops, computers, and tablets. These files and data can be images, videos, text, databases, etc.

Hosting services are responsible for managing, configuring, security, backup, web performance, and running physical servers.

3. Programming Language

Programming language is a computer language, namely instructions given by programmers to computers to carry out specific tasks. So, programming languages are composed of syntax and semantic rules that will be used and translated into logic understood by computers. Therefore, why it is called computer language.

This programming language will help programmers to determine which data can be process by the computer exactly.

4. Content

the content on the website contains all the information provide by the website, which is address to visitors. So, with this content, visitors can get information from the intended website. For example a news website, visitors can find out the latest news information.

5. Design Style

The design style refers to the appearance of the website. A good site appearance will allow us to determine its credibility. A good impression, attractiveness, and user-friendly will comfort visitors to surf the site.

User-friendly here refers to the convenience of visitors accessing our website on all devices and users enjoying site content. Editing fonts, color combinations, layout settings, and more can customize the website’s appearance.

Website Benefits

Building Branding

A website can help you build personal branding by including your work in various fields that you are good at, such as art, graphic design, articles, photography, etc. Therefore, it will be helpful when you are looking for work. You can use this website as a portfolio.

Websites are also helpful for building your business branding. You can customize your website based on the brand identity of your business, such as setting colors, layout, typography, etc. That way, your website can become a medium that allows your business to be known by many people and reach a broad market.

Sources of Information and Communication

The website can be a medium for sharing information such as news, articles/blogs, threads as a discussion space, etc. You can easily update existing information so that visitors get update information.

Visitors can also communicate with you, your business, or fellow visitors by adding unique plugins for chat, call, form, book meet, etc. You can connect with visitors anytime, and it can be access for 24 hours. Therefore you can increase the opportunity for visitors to interact directly and open up sales opportunities.

Business Marketing Media

Having a wider reach and not being limit by space and time. Websites have become a popular medium for increasing the number of subscribers. Websites can bring in a variety of new visitors and turn them into customers. So, you can be seen by the large amount of traffic that comes and can create sales conversions utilizing SEO (Search Engine Organic) which can be done for free, or using SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is paid advertising.

Increase Credibility and Trust

The website is a medium for creating credibility and a good brand image for businesses. Today many people cannot be separate from the internet, so websites can have a more modern impression and better attract customers. A professional and eye-catching site design can increase business credibility.

In addition, the page site allows direct interaction between business owners and visitors. With the chat features, booking meetings, forms, calls, and others will improve service. So, that visitors will be satisfy, and their sense of trust will also increase.

Easily accessible by anyone

Another benefit is that the website is easier to access for anyone. You can also easily change the information you want to update. The use of a website can also be easy and quick.