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How much website cost ? – Inevitably, the internet has become the main requirement for finding various information. The website is an inseparable part of the internet. Websites can help expand the business and find new audiences throughout the world. Websites are crucial for businesses because they contain various useful information for their target audience. Not infrequently, a website can also become a business identity and become a place to increase the audience’s trust in the business.

The website contains a collection of web pages that are related to each other within the scope of the same domain, containing various information that can be accessed by users quickly and easily while connected to the internet. Websites can be use as a portfolio for someone to do branding for companies. Because of its very useful function, many business people need this media. However, to create a website, you also need to know the estimated costs that need to be spent to get a website.

Website prices vary widely and depend on various factors. To help estimate the estimated cost of making a website. Here are details of the estimated website creation.

Domain Names

The main cost you must spend to create a website is related to the domain name. When you use a website builder, the default name will be like the builder’s brand name. For example, if you use, then your domain name is (

But you can also use your website name by buying it. Usually, the domain name includes the package from the website builder. To use the domain name, you need to pay for the yearly renewal for $0 – $90/mo, depending on your domain name.

Web Hosting

Web hosting is a helpful service for storing all the resources a website needs. And has functions to manage, run the website, and secure all website resources, such as text, images, files, videos, etc., that visitors access.

Web hosting also has several types such as Share Hosting, Virtual Private Server) Hosting, Cloud Hosting, WordPress Hosting, and Dedicated Server Hosting. You only need to choose 1 type of hosting based on the needs of your website. If your website is getting crowded, you can upgrade to a higher level. The price of web hosting also varies from 2$ – 80$/mo

SSL Certificate

SSL Certificate serves to secure your website from hacking by hackers. A sign that your website has an SSL certificate is the padlock icon near the URL, which will ensure your connection between the website and the browser.

Currently, SSL has been replaced with TLS. TLS/SSL will help secure various personal data, addresses, telephone numbers, and credit card numbers. So SSL / TLS is a crucial part of making a website.

Apart from securing data, SSL/TLS also has other benefits, namely, making your website more professional and reliable because visitors will feel safe when visiting your website. Besides that, SSL/TLS will also maximize SEO because Google currently makes SSL an indicator to determine the ranking of your website.

SSL/TLS is usually free if you buy a web hosting plan. But if you buy separately, the estimated price is around 0$ – 1000$ per year

Web Design

One of the crucial parts of creating a visual website that will be display on the internet is a web design. Web design consists of a combination of text, images, content, layout, and navigation. Web design strives to create a visual and comfortable website environment for visitors when visiting the website. An attractive web design will have a good impact on improving website performance and being able to get high traffic. Creating a web design can be done in two ways.

The first way is to design using a template that has been provided by a web design provider. For beginners, you can use WordPress because it makes it easy to design and offers thousands of free themes. Cost estimates also differ depending on the type of theme or features offered. The price ranges from 5$ – 17$ per month

The second way is suitable for those of you who already have a large business and more complex features, namely by hiring a web professional. Professional web developers have an experience that can help you create a website to your desired specifications. However, the costs that must be incurred are also quite high, around $ 6000 – $ 10,000.

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Email Service

Professional email hosting is a customized email that can help businesses promote their business in a professional manner and earn the trust of customers. This email makes it possible for web owners to create an email address using the domain name. For example [email protected]

You can take advantage of premium email services from Google Workspace at the cost of around $ 1 – $ 18 per user/mo. You can also link your business email with your personal Gmail. To increase professionalism in the footer section, you can add some information as a sign of your business identity.


Plugins can help optimize website functionality, and there are thousands of plugins available on WordPress. Examples of plugins that you can use to develop your website can be contact form plugins, page builders, SEO plugins, security plugins, and others.

To help maintain the website, don’t forget to install a caching plugin. There are several plugins that are free and some are paid. Choose a plugin that can help you optimize your website. Paid plugins usually offer more features and are actively managed by the developer. Fees vary between 0$ – 597$/month

Estimated Cost Breakdown

The following is a complete list of the needs to create a website.

How Much Does a Website Cost?

To find out the estimated costs needed to create a website, you need to know the available options and their respective costs. You can find the most suitable option according to your needs and budget. The following is a summary of the estimated costs for each option in creating a website.

Website Cost Using Website Builder

The first way you can do this is to use a website builder. Website builders offer convenience in creating websites without the need to have coding skills. This tool is equipped with a website editor, web design, and others so that you can easily create a website.

The estimated cost of creating a website in this way also varies. The cost depends on what platform and hosting are use. However, the drawback is that you cannot install third-party software and can only take advantage of the existing features of the platform. Let’s calculate what costs are need. This option is perfect for those of you who just have a business and want to expand but with a fairly low budget. 

The following is an estimate of the cost of creating a basic website using a website builder:

Estimate cost by

Website Cost Using Professional Service

Suppose you need features on a more complex website or want to start a startup business. The second option that you can do to create a website is to use a professional service. You don’t need to have technical expertise because everything will be handle by the web developer. You can create a custom website if you want a certain concept that you can’t get by using a template or plugin.

On the other hand, the price is quite high compare to using a website builder. But this is also in accordance with the services provided because the bigger the business, the bigger the traffic, and the bigger the maintenance costs.

Blankontech offers web development services that can help you realize your dream website. The price is around $ 10,000/mo, which includes web design services, development, maintenance, and deployment. You don’t need to bother hiring because you have prepared a special and experienced team for you. The team consists of 1 product manager, one frontend, one backend, and 1 Quality Assurance. You don’t need to do anything because everything is handle by a professional tech team.