Dinda Mayda, the Leader of HRD

Dinda Mayda Nabilahningtyas is the head of HRD in Blankontech (Human Resource Development), so she handles management and administration. As a leader, she maintains, manages, and control all process and HR task, including recruitment.

HRD’s scope of work and the team

There is some scope of work in HRD, which is the recruitment of employees, onboarding and offboarding, retention of employees, performance management, management of employees, and recruitment. But particular in recruitment scope, she’s been helped by her team-mate, Naila. 

Naila fully handles the recruitment process, including job analysis, screening resumes, job posting, offering positions, etc. While Dinda is in charge of employee management, as a leader, she makes sure of the recruitment process, planning, and brainstorming together with Naila to break the solutions.

As a leader of HRD, she also ensures other divisions in case there is any problem or blocker in their work that impact the performance. Especially when the causes factor is in the company, she (and HRD team) have to become a bridge between the employee and the company- relating to the HRD division’s primary responsibility to create comfort for employees besides creating a healthy cultural environment. HRD is also responsible for updating employees’ benefits, providing consultation sessions, and other roles for the company’s side, like supplying candidates for vacant positions, the payroll process, and updating the company’s policy.

Teamwork management

The key is job distribution.

“We must make clear our job distribution in the beginning. In the early week, we (Naila and Dinda) have a light daily meeting to share our progress and what we will do today.” 

Dinda said her communication with Naila is smooth like butter, so she rarely has any team trouble.

 “We understand each other well because our age gap is not too far, so it’s like I got a perfect match partner.”

The Routine

Take a peek at Dinda’s tickets and her daily and weekly routine as a Lead of HRD.

Dinda’s weekly sprint

“This week, we are still hiring and sourcing candidates because that’s what the company needed. And since it is still at the beginning of the month, we have to send the salary slip. We also have a new maestro, so we need to register BPJS Ketenagakerjaan (employee security assurance). This week, we should also focus on creating a performance appraisal form for every division. Still, since the result is based on my now taken course, we must postpone it to the next month (for Q4) and move to another task, like updating company policy that we will share in the next retro session.”

Dinda said she’s still taking courses to upgrade her knowledge in HR management. She is still working on upgrading employee satisfaction and documenting the orientation steps properly and gradually.

Daily routine Dinda Mayda as HR

First thing first, after Dinda comes to the office, she must immediately open her Slack in case there is any urgent information or if there is any employee who has requested to work remotely or a day off. As an HRD, we must submit their request on Office’s Google Calendar, so the rest of the employee is aware of that. 

-Then she opened ClickUp to check our tickets of what to do today from this week, and Dinda has a little reminder on their desktop. It includes details and mini-tasks to do; she arranges that based on the urgency and importance level. 

Dinda’s personal notes

-One thing she could never forget is to open her Google Calendar. She relies on her calendar very much because it contains all maestro’s birthdays and the due of the employee’s contract.

“Google Calendar is essential to me, I have to check it every day, and it looks like there will be so many treats in September! haha” 

Another particular routine that only Dinda has to do every day is counting the maestro who attends to the office and reports to the catering side so that we won’t miss the total of meals on that day

Maestro’s special weekly

-Sprint Planning and Weekly Review

Blankontech has weekly meetings for every lead: sprint planning in every Monday and weekly review every Friday. As HR, they ensure the weekly meeting will be held either offline (in the office) or online by Gather.

“Technically, we explain our progress and difficulties in a week, what we have done, and the percentage of our progress in a weekly review and share our plan to do in a week in sprint planning. As an HR leader, I also lead the meeting and make sure every lead attends. If there is someone who is not able to come, they can share the progress with me, and I will explain in the meeting on behalf of their”

about Retrospective by HR side

A retrospective (we mainly shorten it as Retro) is one of our monthly must-have meetings. You can see the detail inside Cuxiang’s (CEO) story.

HRD collab with the CEO to hold the Retro and open the meetings, but Cuxiang will be in charge of the main event.

“Retro has a positive side in employee development because it can make the employee more open to the company, and we can give in target, as their wish, so it’s not too much or even less.” 

What is another topic you discuss besides work?

What is another topic you discuss besides work?

Unique of Dinda as HR, she told us what kind of topics they usually share in the team, not only with Naila but also with other employees!

Dinda usually goes around in the office and talks to other maestros. She said that she must actively create a warm and comfortable environment, have courage, and engage with others.

“Talking with other employees besides work-term is effective to make them feel that we are not ‘scary HRD’ and not an exclusive working-mate.”

Besides the task, Dinda usually talks about the same interest. When Dinda discusses with the Dev guy, they share the same interest in local songs (dangdut) and ballad-full-emotions pieces. Dinda added that the maestro is likely to share about Korean drama, what kind of youtube videos we watched, share thoughts on what is trending, news, etc. However, it’s still hard for an individual to fit and understand others’ interests since many employees have different backgrounds, but Dinda nailed it!

“Since we have very various backgrounds, so if I know the topic, we can share our thought or experience, and if I don’t know abt the topic, then I gain knowledge, and so I can know abt each employee’s interest.”

With Naila, since they are at one desk and one room every day, the topic talked about is super random!

“We shared about random things like what we watched, what we read, and topics we found funny, so we kinda share those things and laugh together! Naila and I are kinda light laugh, but it’s good tho! it does not make us too stuck with work, haha.”

Dinda added

“Naila is such a good friend to share my random everyday discovery things- uplighting my mood before work even though she can’t tell the difference between eyebrow gel and mascara.”

Tips as HR from dinda

  • Talk with people – maybe because Dinda is an Extrovert, she lights up her complex task by talking to employees. She usually does that when she feels stuck.
  • Be Empathy – as HR, Dinda feels like she must see the employee in a helicopter view to handle the employee better.
  • Taking care of our mental health first- We must take care of our mental health before taking care of others. Dinda’s tip is to read books like self-development books. It can help her to understand herself better. Sometimes, Dinda also talks to a psychologist. For Dinda, it’s so helpful to speak with a psychologist because they can help to see the problem from other perspectives.

Here are some recommended books from Dinda:

-Things You Can See When You Slow Down

-Santai Aja – Hidup Seperti Rilakuma (bahasa)

Used Toolkit

Dinda shared the most used and most helpful toolkit she used to work as leader of HR

-Job portal: LinkedIn, job street, Kalibr, glints, and Social media like Twitter and telegram,

-ClickUp for management task

-Slack for team’s text communication

-Gather for virtual office- so they can directly come to the person and talk even tho they are remotely working

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