Imas Pradhipta-CTO Blankontech

Here is Imas Pradhipta Bagaskara, we usually call him Bagas, The CTO of Blankon Technology Solutions. Bagas started his story with how he joined the team.

“I started work here as a backend developer in RPG Project. That were only five people here, and after three months, we got a new project, and we also needed to add more employees, so we got Niam on our team. The long-short story, I started to set up the team’s tickets and manage their work, so I became a leader naturally while still becoming a backend developer. Currently, I am handling the CTO role and still becoming a backend developer for RPG Project.”

Responsibility as CTO 

CTO, a.k.a Lead Tech Department. There is plenty of responsibility that comes with the title of CTO. Bagas said that the first and foremost responsibility of the CTO in Blankontech is maintaining quality. 

“I have to make sure and make clear to everyone in the tech team that we must give high quality to our client.”

According to Bagas, there is a “definition of done” or “accepted’ criteria to pass risky things. The definition of done means when the audit accepts the ticket, which can be based on the quality of work and the unit or user testing.

Talking about ‘quality,’ Bagas said that as CTO, he must consider the quality in Blankontech, both in technology and business quality. Hence, he is responsible for keeping all developers’ quality in Blankontech. 

Besides the quality, Bagas also responsible for ensuring the team works to Blankontech’s standard operating procedure (SOP).

Bagas in Being Leader

Since we are a software development company, the tech team is essential and (currently) the most expansive person. For Bagas, he is not only a leader for workers but also a human, so it’s also essential to maintain the relationship between his team.

“Company’s environment, which is pretty relaxed, helps so much for me to maintain the relationship in the team, so I need to keep them in mind that we all have the responsibility and mostly all my team are well-connected to each other”

The Routine

For Bagas, checking the communication apps like Slack and Email is a must before he starts his work, that is, to synchronize his schedule. After that, he manages his ticket on ClickUp. He also checks his team’s ticket. 

Like other departments, and because we implement agile scrum the tech team also has regular meetings like daily meetings, sprint planning, and weekly review every two weeks. Bagas wish that even though his team handles the different project, they still connect.  


Take a look at what Bagas have done this week

Bagas’s sprint

This week, Bagas and the internal team have goals to help the marketing side to speed up our local services like website, inquiry, partnership, and blog. Bagas recently focused on making the General DOD (Defenition of Done) and goal documentation.

Topic outside the job

Bagas and his team like to share their experience in life, what they have done, and small funny story in their daily life when they have leisure time at the office or simply take a break

“We share the story of our childhood, as well as our recent stories, funny stories outside the office, what kind of friends we have, just a regular sharing.”

The hot topic in the tech team now is microservices. Bagas said they like to discuss the best way to implement microservices in our technology because they must discuss pros, contra, and obstacles.

What is CTO in Bagas’s opinion?

CTO is a person who thinks in the way of technology and business.

“Since we are a company that works in the technology field, sometimes there is a time that a business person is not understood technology, code especially. Mostly they confuse with how to use the existing technology, how to make it, or maybe even make their technology. That is where CTO plays a role.”

Bagas shares tips for becoming CTO. He said learning about how business and technology work is essential and keeps fighting!

What is the Special thing from the tech team of Blankontech

In Bagas’s opinion, he feels that his team is solid and loyal. They have the same frequency both in work and light discussions. That is why they can always find a solution when they’re brainstorming. 

Besides that, Bagas said that his team is constantly maintaining the quality and quantity of their work, making the tech team more special!

The most used toolkit:

Google Calendar: For scheduling, inviting meetings, and managing times.

Apparently, managing time is crucial for the tech team. Bagas said that it’s generally vital to all tech teams because they are responsible for delivering quality within the estimated time.

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