Startups cannot stand alone. They founded and ran with a competent team. Without a competent team, the startup business will not develop well and will even lead to failure.

But how much time do you spend getting the tech team up and running?
Time is a precious thing because it cannot be repeated. That’s why many people call “time is money.”

Joining a reseller program can help you quickly reach your tech team. The reseller program by BlankonTech may be the best fit for your need. So, we would like to invite you to join a potential reseller partnership with us and believe you have some audience looking for or fitting our service.

About BlankonTech

Blankon Technology Solutions is your software development partner. We help with every step you have to take, from developing an idea to launching a business. We specialize in website development and mobile app development. Blankon Technology Solution has been working with and trusted by decacorn startups like RoomPriceGenie for 5+ years working together and still counting. Even with big organizations like World Health Organization with 1+ years working together. For detail about us, your can check in here

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Benefit Of Reseller

here’s the benefit you will get:

  • Satisfaction Guarantee
    we make sure that every project will be worked on time as our deal that flexible, which leads us to the next benefit.
  • No Need to Manage Operations.
    Building a startup requires a lot of resources like programmers backend, frontend, QA and etc. here you don’t need to think about it because blankontech is there for it with the best quality And all customer support is on the provider’s or our side.
  • 24/7 Support Priority
    if you need help or questions you can contact us. We thought about was we have a different timezone, but it’s not gonna be a problem because we will have our time 24/7 to support you.
  • Selling In Your Own Way
    If you want to start your own brand or want to provide additional services to customers, you can do that. You can set your own brand name up to the price too.

How To Join Reseller

Create Account, you need to register your account by create account and filling out the form at blankon partner. Then you need to fill in primary data like your first name, last name, email, and password. Then click sign up. To login into your dashboard, just input your email and password and click login and your dashboard is already done. You can find report information about the partnership in reseller programs. Yeay!, your account is ready, BlankonTech will contact you soon for more information regarding the reseller program. Don’t miss this opportunity to join the Reseller program Blankontech.

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