Marketing channels – Before starting the discussion, may I ask some questions?

What do you do when you are going to create an advertisement on social media?
Do you think that large costs will also generate large profits?
Do you think just by paying, you will get what you want?
Has your ad been profitable so far?

If you’re having a hard time getting results from marketing channels specially advertising, then this video is for you. It’s time to make an effort and get to know the character of each platform.

Google Ads

When you search for something on google, several websites will appear at the top according to the keyword. This is what we call google ads. Google ads is the one of popular marketing channels. As you know, Google has the most users and views, so your advertisement will not be wasted. 

You need to consider several things before run into google ads:

First: CPC (Cost Per Click), this is the cost you have to pay for 1 ads. One of the several factors that determine CPC is keyword competition. There are low, medium and high, high pay the most. So if you’re involved in an industry with lots of developers, you’ll need some precise steps to make your ads profitable

Second: What is your purpose? Is it for brand awareness, or sales, or lead? If it’s for brand awareness, the content should have a certain quality and your purpose shouldn’t get money, but build identity. If it’s for lead, then the goal should aim for market fit, because you can identify potential customers, collect subscribers, and understand the interest and behaviors of potential clients. Most of us think advertisements are for sales, right? and of course, that’s the main function, because we pay something to get something. Here’s a little suggestion to get less CPC but get a lot of profit.

  1. Make sure you have control for your ads by clicking “switch to expert mode”
  2. To press the cost, you can uncheck the search network and display network in the set-up ads groups, unless the keyword is already rare. You can set start and end dates, add schedule, location, target, your budget ect.
  3. Start the ads by input the smallest number for budgeting. 
  4. Don’t forget to put the site links as well.

Facebook Ads

Don’t think that facebook ads are not very useful for getting consumers. If used correctly and wisely, there are still potential consumers that we will get. But, the problem is, a lot of us don’t understand how facebook ads works. So, I will discuss several features to make sure that facebook knows that you want profit. 

  1. Facebook fan page and ads account: With posts and titles, we will get to the target market more easily, besides that it is important to build personal branding in all forms such as photos or videos so that other people can easily find our identity.
  2. FB pixel: This is the most important thing to know, because this tool can tell facebook that we want profit and is able to show whether we are profiting or losing from ads that have been served.
  3. The campaign, ad set, and ads: The campaign is your budget, set your budget, and after that you can choose the ad sets. This is your target market. Last, you can post your ads which are your content. In the campaign, you can manage many ad sets, as well as in 1 ad set, you can post many ads.

Linkedin Ads

Another marketing channels is linkedIn reached 822 million registered users in 2022, however, it has not reported how many of those users are active daily or monthly. But as you can see, this is a lot of numbers and we can get advantage from it.

If you are engaged in the b2b market, then linkedin is the most appropriate platform to try.

What you need to know about linkedin:

  1. CPL (Cost Per Lead): you will need a sizable budget to get results, as CPL are more expensive for b2b because users need to see the ads several times and multiple types before they get engaged. US range cost around $151 until $311. 
  2. Content to dominate the lead gen campaign: assets you must have for your content as a key are report/ebooks, this will position yourself as an expert, and tell your potential consumer the solution you can give to them. The other thing is a webinar, to give knowledge and deeper trust to them, because they might want to know about your company leadership or maybe a little bit technical side. Don’t forget about testimonials as well. Is really important, because they will see how your team will work with them, so this is a crucial thing to do. 

If you want to be the best, do all the marketing channels, not just one of them. You can build your identity, then gain trust, and also give them information about your team as well. It’s better to do this with many platforms, because we never know what will be the best for us. But, if the budget is not enough, try 1 by 1 and please be really concerned about the function and your own purpose as well. Find another related article in here