Introducing the growth package – I’ve been spending the last 10 years by helping clients to build their tech startup and I managed to this thing with does who serious to built their tech startup work together with us and launch their product, gets some traction, gets some investment and now a multi-million startup. We try to positioned our self of how we can fulfilled the needs of those high-quality founders by as our existing customer related with, how we deliver our software development services to the market.

Difference Between Agency and Software Development Company(SDC)

First thing, we have to be clear that we are not software agencies, we are software development company. And there are 2 main big difference between that.

First one is we don’t outsource our work, we never did it, and we will never do it. We have in-house Software Developer, Quality Assurance, and Project Manager that work side by side at our office in Indonesia.

The second one is a dedicated team. With software agencies, their mainly have multiple projects to handles for a single team but we doesn’t, we never did that because all we provide a dedicated fulltime team to work on a specific projects and we only allow them to work on one project.

There was a funny story when we still not focusing our self on those high-quality founders at the time. Then we mate Ari, founders of RoomPriceGenie and at the time we’ve been working together with Ari for two months. We know that the software will release in 2 weeks we are able to meet that deadline. But, since we already got covered from Ari’s expanding on that project we raised a concern to Ari that,

“hey Ari, we know that the project will be released on in the next two weeks and I think for this 2 weeks you don’t have to pay us because we already got cover from the previous payment and you know, just launch the product and we will be good at the time,”

but Ari’s responses not quite what we expect. Their respond was,

“oww, thank you guys for thinking that way, but even after the product release, I will still want you guys to keep working for me and for those 2 weeks, no matter what, I will still keep paying for you guys,”

and from that time on, we understand one of the characteristic of high quality founders that their focus is not about the money.

There’s another story from Faisal, founder of Bits App from London. this is a startup, and he mentioned that,

“the main thing is not the amount of money that we invest on you guys, but what is the return on it?,”

the return he means: the quality of the software that you deliver.
“Is it on time?” which is  scheduled as you mentioned, and “is it well-documented?” as the part or the product, and this is exactly what we aiming and we switch immediately to those high quality founders as our target market.

With growth package, we will provide you a dedicated team consist of 1 frontend and UI/UX developer, 1 backend developer, 1 Quality Assurance that will handle manual test, automatic testing, and also performance testing and it’s optional, you could also have a project manager, It’s optional because some of startup founders want to be involved in their product development. We also will host a virtual office VIA, so it won’t be feel like you manage a remote team.

Terms and Condition Growth Package

Next let’s talk about the terms and condition about growth package. So, we discuss a lot with our existing client and most of their concern is,

They wanted to try out the team first before commit for a long term, and from our side, because we provide a dedicated team, we can’t just hire and fire someone when the contract ended. 

  • So we try to came up with win-win solution between our clients. As a startup founders and us as a software development company. We came up with 4 fair points for our client and us as terms and condition of the growth package.
  • First one from us, we require a minimum 1 year contract. So we can provide a dedicated team to run the project.
  • Second one, if our sprint complishment is bellow 80%, 3 times in a row. That means that we don’t perform on project development. Then by that, clients have the right to end the contract.
  • Third, when our sprint complishment is under 60%.Then we will give 100% money back guarantee to our clients.

And last one is we cover you on your rainy day. Let say the product development is done and the product is release to the market. After 3 months, if your product doesn’t get enough traction to continue, then our clients also allow to end the contract.

So, our terms and condition is a win-win solution for our clients and us, and it’s puts no risk for our client as a startup founder. Alright, let’s do recap of what will you get from our growth package.

First one you will get a dedicated team to work on your tech startup.

Second one, you will have a virtual office, so you won’t be feel that you are managing or working with remote team.

The last one is, you have no risk to take with our win-win terms and condition that I’ve explained before.