As software development company, where majority of our clients are startups, and one of vital point of startup is cost optimization. We tried our best to help our clients to optimize their cost without compromising about quality of the product and bellow are how the way we help our clients on cost optimization.

Infrastructure Side

Base on our standardized development cycle, we separate our products into 3 different environments:

  • Development environment. When developer is done worked on specific feature and need to be tested by QA
  • Staging environment. Where features are verified by QA and internal testers, or in other cases like PM wants to show demo to the business team.
  • Production environment. Where customers access final product after all development cycle.

As standardized we are using kubernetes to run our services and we know it’s not cheap. Let’s take an example from Amazon EKS and Google GKE.

Amazon EKS pricing is $0.10 per hour for each EKS cluster. So, with simple math it will cost you $72 monthly to run a single cluster. Not much different with EKS, GKE pricing is $0.10 per cluster per hour as a cluster management fee. For the smallest instance you will need to pay $73 monthly.

With the same technology and benefit  from GKE and EKS. We will host your development and staging environments into our private kubernetes cluster and it’s free or charge.

Business Softwares Requirements

As a business you might need some softwares or services outside your product itself, Like CRM or Customer Support where our team will help by providing high quality open source product that fit your business needs and run everything under our private kubernetes cluster. Like for CRM and Customer support we can use Odoo.

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