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UX Analytics – Have you heard about the Instagram insight feature in Instagram business? With the insight feature, we can see a lot of information like account reached, impressions, stories interactions like how many people shared your story, liked your story and clicked the link that you provide in the stories.

Also,  how many people press back, forward, exited, next to your story and visit or follow your account. Let’s say you’re an influencer, and Instagram didn’t provide that feature. I think you will be confused about setting your rate card for endorsement, and the main thing is you don’t know which content types you created will meet your audience’s needs. It will be the same if you have a website but don’t know your website’s traffic. You will be confused about how many people visit your website, click on a specific page, and leave your website without scrolling or clicking pages on your website. So you don’t know if your website’s design will serve the end users well. With UX Analytics, you can check the traffic of your website.

What is UX Analytics?

UX Analytic is the measurement and analysis of user activity on a website or app that provides insights into how its design can be adapted to meet the current or changing needs of end users. Without reliable behavior data, there’s no way to be sure that any design changes you make will better serve your users.


UX analytics allows you to test, confirm and develop design intuition through data. If your intuition tells you that users aren’t clicking on a particular button, you can test by leveraging UX analytics. Here are the benefits of UX Analytics :


Here are the UX tools that you can use :

First tool, Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free service from Google that displays statistics on visitors to a website. Google Analytics is commonly used by website and blog owners to analyze website performance based on the statistical data displayed.

The Features

Google Analytic provides various features that can be accessed through the sidebar menu for the benefit of web owners in monitoring activities on their site, including:

Terms in Google Analytics

In order to better understand the statistical data display, there are some Google Analytics terms that must be understood.

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Second tool, Mouseflow

Mouse Flow is a paid tool that provides analytic features the same with Google Analytic, but Mouse Flow brings it to the next level, users can know why the visitor drops off, why they abandon their cart, aren’t filling out your form, and more.

The Features

Now you know what is UX Analytics, what is the benefit, and the tools. If you still confuse about how to use Google Analytics and Mouseflow I will create another articles for the tutorial, check others article in here.

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